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Corporate Prayer



3595 Old Atlanta Road, Suwanee, GA 30024

Corporate Worship


Sunday School


Enter from Old Atlanta Road. The entrance from James Burgess Road will be closed.


  • What is your style of worship?
    Within our worship service we'll typically have singing, stories and testimonies from the congregation, a pastoral prayer, about a 30-40 minute sermon, communion, and closing worship. The entire worship service is usually around 1 hour and 20 minutes Our hope is for our worship to be reverent towards God, but full of joy and to be strengthening to your soul. Our service has structure, but we believe you'll experience it as contemporary and relevant. Finally, our general style will be understandable to our common culture, but we desire at times to have certain elements (like Scripture readings) be done in different languages so we can represent the nations that are among us.
  • What should we expect for children?
    Why we believe in Covenant Worship (all ages worshiping together) As a church one of our convictions is to worship as a "covenant community". We believe Scripture teaches that His covenant people (the visible church) are believers in Christ and their children. Thus, we desire and love to have children of all ages to be present in worship with their parents and all other adults. We understand that can seem counter-cultural, but it has actually been the Scriptural and historic practice of the church over the ages and continues to be among many nations around the world. But above all, we believe this pattern of families worshiping together leads to a long-term shaping of disciples that love Christ and will be faithful to the church into their adult lives. Please know, we are aware that children may make noise, cry, laugh, or talk - so there is no need to feel any shame for that. We consider their "noise" to be part of the worship! But, we do believe over time children of all ages can begin to learn to sit for longer periods, to sing, to listen, and enjoy worship. We have children's bulletins available to keep children engaged during the service. How we try to help accommodate children of young ages during worship service We do understand though that having a young child in worship can be challenging for that child and for parents to be able to focus well during service and especially the sermon. Two things we offer are: "Care Room"- this separate room is available where parents can go with their children when needed where there will be a "live feed" of the service. "Toddler Time during the sermon"- we offer an opportunity for those who desire to have their child (age 1-4) watched during the sermon can register their child for that time. Instructions will be given from up front on when and where to drop off and receive back your child. Sunday School after worship service After the worship service, we do also have a time of "Sunday School" by age and stage of adults, youth group, children, and nursery. Our hope is to engage the children in that time with God's Word and also equip parents to be able to disciple their own children well through the week at home.
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