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Scott Lily

Youth Group Leader

What gets you excited about the role you serve in at JOAN? 

Covenant worship and deliberate times to engage youth and parents together, at JOAN we prioritize helping parents shepherd their youth in the Lord. We long to see the hearts of parents turn to the Lord then their children, and the youth's hearts to the Lord then their parents. God is helping JOAN through His Truth by the Power of His Spirit to bring parents and children together in the Lord. 


What is one word or phrase you'd use to describe what makes Joy of All Nations unique and be a church people would want to come to?  Focus on family integration and covenant worship. Though we have children and youth ministries, we are diligent in integrating these ministries into the life of the church and do not prioritize age-segregated ministries.  


What’s the top destination on your must-visit list?  

Les Trois Vallées, Savoie, France

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